Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to common questions that you might find useful. If you don't see the answer to your question shown on this page please use our contact form to get in touch.

What are Multi Velocity Drum Samples

When a drummer hits a drum it produces different tones depending on how hard the drummer hits and where the stick connects with the drum head. We record each of these drum hits (or velocities) individually so that even a kick drum might have seven different samples that range from very quiet to very loud.

This is the best way to accurately emulate the nuances of a real drummer.

What this means is that you get a WAV file of every velocity so that you can put together your own ultra realistic virtual drum kit in your software sampler by using our carefully recorded drum samples.

Whether you're programming drum tracks, triggering our samples from an electronic drum kit or simply using our samples in a drum replacer like 'Drumagog', you'll need a sample for each velocity if you want your drums to sound natural.

How Are your Drum Samples Labeled?

We use file names with descriptive titles that have a number on the end. The higher the number, the quieter the sample, so a file with the number 1 will always be the loudest sample in the collection. Here's an example:

Drum Samples File Naming

Can I 'Mix and Match' instruments from different drum kits?

Yes, absolutely. We just present our drum samples as parts of a full drum set so that you can get an idea of which samples work well together. If you prefer a snare drum from a rock drum kit but a hi-hat from a funk kit you can download these separately and put them together in your sampler for the ultimate hybrid drum kit.

What Samplers and DAWs are Your Drum Samples Compatible With?

Any app that can handle 24-bit WAV files should have no problem with our drum samples. Even hardware samplers can load our audio files. Whether you prefer Kontakt, Abletons Sampler or the NN-XT Sampler of Reason, pretty much any sampler can be used to build your own virtual drum set with our crystal clear drum samples.

Check your samplers manual to find out how to create your own virtual instruments with multi velocity samples like ours. The process is pretty much the same with all samplers, assign a group of WAV samples to a key or pad and then map each velocity the way you like it.

What Do You Mean by 'Instrument Download'?

Each part of a drum kit is it's own individual instrument download. So for example, a crash cymbal is an 'Instrument Download'. With each membership level you get a different allowance of instrument downloads to suite your needs. It doesn't matter how many WAV files are contained within a given 'Instrument Download'. Some instrument downloads contain a lot of WAV files (such as snare drums) to provide all of the different velocities of the instrument, while others might have only a few WAV files because that's all that is needed.

Does each WAV file count as a download?

You'll be delighted to know that the answer is no. Your download allowance is per 'Instrument Download'. So if you see that a snare drum download contains 28 WAV files you'll only use up 1 download if you choose to download that instrument. We do this so that you can 'mix-n-match' our drum samples to create the ideal drum set for your sampler.

Can I Cancel My Subscription to DrumSamples?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time simply by logging in to your Paypal account and looking under subscriptions. Once you've found the subscription that you'd like to cancel, hit the cancel link and it will stop all future payments.

Whenever you're ready to come back and upgrade your account, you are always welcome. Check back often as we add new drum kits that you might want to download.

Can I Continue to Use the Drum Samples if I Cancel My Subscription?

Yes, of course you can. Once you've purchased a subscription and downloaded your drum samples you can use them in your songs as long as you like, even if you choose to cancel your subscription.

How Do I Download Your Drum Samples?

It's super easy.

Step 1 - Once you've purchased a subscription you need to login to the site here .

Step 2 - After you've logged in just visit any of the drum samples pages and the big blue download buttons on each page will be visible to you.

How to Download Drum Samples

Click on the 'Instrument Download' that you want and you'll see a prompt asking you if you're sure you want to download this file. If you click OK, the ZIP file will download to your computer. Be sure to specify a location on your computer that you'll be able to remember.

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