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Download Only the Drum Samples You Want

At you can download any instrument from any of our drum kits. That means that if you prefer a kick drum and snare drum that come from different drum kits, you can download each instrument individually to build the ideal virtual drum kits for your songs. You can basically mix-n-match your drum samples to suite your needs. We don't force you to download an entire drum kit.

All of our drum samples come in WAV file format and can be download in ZIP files. We group all of the drum samples from each instrument into 1 ZIP file, so if you find some hi-hat samples that you love, just click on the relevant blue download button and you'll get to download all of the multi-velocity samples of that hi-hat and it only counts as 1 download.

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When you purchase a Bronze or Silver membership you get royalty free commercial usage of our drum samples so that you can sell unlimited copies of your songs that feature our drum samples and it'll never cost you another penny. Check out our 'Frequently Asked Questions' page if you have any questions about our subscription service.