Metalcore Drum Samples – Sonor Select Force Drum Kit

Sonor Select Force Canadian Maple Metalcore Drum Samples

These blistering drum samples feature some super bright drums from the legends Sonor. This Sonor Select Force Canadian Maple drum kit was paired with the perfect selection of Zildjian and Turkish handmade cymbals and the ear splitting Sonor X Classix snare drum which is made from birch.

Because of their brightness and savage attack, these drum samples are ideal for Metal and Metalcore drum tracks. Give your songs a major boost right now and download the drum samples from this incredible drum set.

The demo above was programmed into Ableton Live using their built in Sampler to make a virtual instrument from these acoustic drum samples. Scroll down the page and you'll find the big blue download buttons below where you can download each instrument from this drum kit.

Sonor Select Force Maple Kick Drum Samples

When we hear the words 'Canadian Maple' we think of bacon and these drum samples are most definitely MEATY that's for sure. For Metalcore music you're going to need a bright, clicky kick drum with lots of attack and not too much bottom end. This Sonor Select Force kick drum cuts through the loud, overdriven guitars in your mix to ensure the grooves stay rock solid.

Here's a little demo of a MIDI groove we programmed using these kick drum samples to give you an idea of the realism your drum tracks can achieve. As you can hear, this kick drum has a really bright tone with minimal EQ and processing. That leaves you with plenty of headroom left for you to tweak your EQ and compression to further sculpt the tone. Download these kick drum samples below.

Sonor Select Force Maple Kick Drum Samples for Metalcore
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The 'Sonor Select Force' Canadian Maple Tom Toms

With Metalcore music your tom toms need to have plenty of definition in order to be heard in the mix. We tuned these toms so that you can project that bright, punchy tone that you'll need to compete with heavy guitars and growling bass of your songs.

Take a listen to this demo we put together just to demonstrate  how good these toms could sound in your own tracks. This drum groove is entirely programmed using these multi-velocity drum samples. This groove features all three toms. We also recorded multi-velocity hits using steel brushes and these are included in this download.

Sonor Select Force Canadian Maple Tom Tom Drum Samples for Metalcore
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Sonor X Classix Birch Snare Drum Samples

Talk about a snare drum the CUTS! This bright and loud birch snare drum from Sonor is absolutely ideal for Metalcore music. It projects tonnes of power with a loud crack that demands to be heard in your songs. Add a subtle gated reverb to this snare drum and it will sound HUGE!

As with all of our drum samples, we only used just enough EQ and processing to capture the real tone of the drum. There's still plenty of headroom left for you to further tweak this snare drum sound to squeeze even more power out of it with the use of EQ and compression.

These samples include multi-velocity hits from different positions of the drum so you get straight hits, rimshots, side stick and even brushes for a full range of expressive drum tones. Take a listen to this preview to hear these drum samples in action. We also recorded multi-velocity hits using steel brushes and side stick. These are included in this download.

Sonor S Classix Birch Snare Drum Samples for Metalcore
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Turkish Classic Series 35cm Hi-Hat Samples

Turkish handmade samples really are the masters of that brash, trashy sound that works so well with rock, punk and metal music. These 35cm hi-hats deliver lots of trashy 'sizzle' that really gives your tracks a huge lift when you use the open hi-hat samples to add a sense of urgency to your songs.

Here's a little demo of these hi-hat samples in action. We recorded multi-velocity hits of these hats from different playing positions so you get straight hat, bell, semi-open and fully open samples from quiet to loud. Download this instrument set and make your own expressive drum tracks today.

Turkish Classic 35CM Hi-hat Samples
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Turkish Classic 50cm Ride Cymbal Samples

A ride cymbal is the perfect instrument for giving your chorus section a boost. When a drummer switches from a hi-hat to a ride cymbal you know it's time for the hook of the song to kick in.

These ride cymbal samples of the Turkish handmade classic series ride deliver the lift your metalcore tracks are going to need. Bordering on obnoxious, the bell tone of this cymbal let's you know the drummer is in charge. These samples work equally well in rock and funk music too.

Take a listen to this demo where you'll hear both the bell and cymbal tones being put to use with our multi-velocity hits from different parts of the ride cymbal for a totally realistic performance. This groove was programmed entirely from the drum samples on this page.

Turkish Classic Series 50CM Ride Cymbal Samples
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Turkish Classic 43cm Crash Cymbal Samples

The name says it's a 'Classic' crash cymbal and it really is just that. This 43cm crash cymbal from the handmade 'Turkish' brand works brilliantly in pretty much any musical genre. It's your 'go-to' crash whenever you want big impact with a classy sound. Here's a little demo of this crash doing it's thing.

Turkish Classic Series 43cm Crash Samples
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Zildjian A Custom Splash Cymbal Samples

This isn't your usual Splash cymbal. In fact, when we first heard this Splash we though it sounded more like a Chinese cymbal with its unusual dramatic tone and aggressive timbre. It works brilliantly in Metalcore music when you really need to add urgency to a particular accent. Here's a short demo we programmed to showcase this little monster of a splash cymbal. Download the ZIP file now using the big blue download button below.

Zildjian A Custom 25cm Splash Cymbal Samples
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Multi Velocity Drum Samples

These multi-velocity drum samples give you everything you need to create your own totally realistic sounding virtual drum kit. All of our samples are 24-bit WAV files recorded at 44.1 kHz so you can load them into any software or hardware sampler that supports 24-bit WAVS.

We recorded the drums using the epic Shure SM57 dynamic mics and we used a matched pair of high quality stereo condensor mics from the cymbals and hats.

Each instrument in the kit has multiple samples that cover the different power and velocity that our drummer used when hitting the drums. These range from barely audible to outright 'ear splitting' in order give you the full range of tones you need to create ultra real drum sets for your drum tracks.

About the Demos

The audio demos above give you an example of how you can use these drum samples. When you choose to download one of the ZIP files it contains only the samples that are labeled on the download button. That means that if you're downloading the hit-hat ZIP file but you heard the kick drum in the background of the demo for the hi-hats your download will only contain hi-hats. If you want the kick drum samples (for example) you'll need to download those separately.

About Our Drum Samples

When we mix and master our drum samples we use only enough processing to give the drums a natural tone. It's essential that we don't over process the samples so that you still have plenty of headroom to add your own EQ, compression and FX. The drum samples that you download are completely dry and have no FX. This allows you to shape the drum sounds to suite your songs.