Vintage Funk Drum Samples

Vintage Funk Drum Samples - WAV Files

We discovered a long forgotten Gretsch drum kit propping up a selection of antique microphone boxes in our studio and thought it might be fun to try on some new drum heads and see what kind of drum samples we could tease out of this relic. We'd kind of suspected that we had something special on our hands but we had no idea these drums would sound this good.

With a little bit of TLC we quickly realized we had the perfect sounding drum kit for funk music and set about recording multiple hits from the entire kit. Now you can download these super fly funk drum samples to use in your very own drum tracks.

You'll find the big blue download buttons below where you can download each instrument from this drum kit.

Vintage Gretsch Kick Drum Samples

Sometimes you just need a neutral kick drum that sits in the mix without being too hard and heavy. This kick drum does just that with a completely natural tone that works just as well in pop and rock music as it does with funk.

Due to the age and condition of this drum set we can't say for sure which tone woods were used to make the shells, but the soft, warm sound produced by these drums suggest maple.
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Vintage Gretsch Tom Tom Drum Samples

Without doubt, the stand out feature of this drum set was the throbbing power produced by the three tom toms. Even with plenty of dampening treatment these babies like to hum! We used minimal EQ and compression so that you can easily add your own to make them sound brighter or warmer. With this drum set it was all about capturing that lovely neutral sound that works well in pretty much all musical genres.
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Pearl Joey Jordison Steel Snare Drum Samples

The snare drum that came with this drum set was in pretty bad shape so rather than strangle some tortured hits out of an abused instrument, we decided to completely replace it with a snare drum that we knew worked brilliantly in funk music. Enter the Joey Jordison snare drum from Pearl which was originally aimed at metal drummers but when tuned properly it turns out to be the ultimate snare drum for funk music.

These samples include multi-velocity hits from different positions of the drum so you get straight hits, rimshots, side stick and even brushes for a full range of expressive drum tones. These are included in this download.
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Vintage Funk Hi-Hat Samples

The logo on these hats was completely worn away but we suspect they were made by Zildjian. Like many Zildjian hi-hats, these hats work well in pretty much any genre of music with their clean, bright sound that doesn't take over the mix and blends in perfectly.

We recorded multi-velocity hits of these hats from different playing positions so you get straight hat, bell, semi-open and fully open samples from quiet to loud. Download this instrument set and make your own expressive drum tracks today.
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Vintage Sabian Funk Ride Cymbal Samples

From the condition of this Sabian Ride cymbal we're guessing it came from the same decade as the drums. With its light patina of rust spots you'd think it would have lost some of it's brightness since the glory days of the 1980's but as you can hear from the demo above this ride has got plenty of juice left in the old tank.
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Vintage Crash Cymbal Samples

Once again, we're guessing Zildjian due to the classy, universal sound that those cymbals produce. When you want straight up 'all purpose' crash cymbal samples you just can't go wrong with those old beauty.
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Vintage Splash Cymbal Samples

It's a good job this splash cymbal sounded better than it looked. As you'll hear from the demo at the top of the page it sounds impressively bright and punchy, not at all what you'd expect from a rusted plate of metal with a hairline fracture. Sometimes those old relics sound better than brand new instruments.
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Multi Velocity Drum Samples

These multi-velocity drum samples give you everything you need to create your own totally realistic sounding virtual drum kit. All of our samples are 24-bit WAV files recorded at 44.1 kHz so you can load them into any software or hardware sampler that supports 24-bit WAVS.

We recorded the drums using the epic Shure SM57 dynamic mics and we used a matched pair of high quality stereo condensor mics from the cymbals and hats.

Each instrument in the kit has multiple samples that cover the different power and velocity that our drummer used when hitting the drums. These range from barely audible to outright 'ear splitting' in order give you the full range of tones you need to create ultra real drum sets for your drum tracks.

About the Demos

The audio demos above give you an example of how you can use these drum samples. When you choose to download one of the ZIP files it contains only the samples that are labeled on the download button. That means that if you're downloading the hit-hat ZIP file but you heard the kick drum in the background of the demo for the hi-hats your download will only contain hi-hats. If you want the kick drum samples (for example) you'll need to download those separately.

About Our Drum Samples

When we mix and master our drum samples we use only enough processing to give the drums a natural tone. It's essential that we don't over process the samples so that you still have plenty of headroom to add your own EQ, compression and FX. The drum samples that you download are completely dry and have no FX. This allows you to shape the drum sounds to suite your songs.


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