Vintage Pop / Rock Kit Drum Samples

Vintage Pop / Rock Kit Drum Samples

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This Ludwig Ocean Pearl drum kit was made in 1968 and boasts a truly magical tone. We recorded the kit with a Supraphonic steel snare drum and an assortment of vintage cymbals.

These free drum samples are perfect for anything from rock,blues,funk and soul right through to country and pop music.

We created an Ableton Live Drum Rack with all of the kit sounds laid and out ready to rock. Simply login and download. If you haven’t already setup an account join today, it’s free.

Monster Rock Drum Samples


  1. February 22, 2012

    I can’t figure out where the sample is. I keep downloading to my MAC Mini and nada! What’s up with this?

  2. rmeijering February 29, 2012

    Check your download folder. If you don’t know what folder that is check the download on the upper right corner of Safari and click on the magnifying glass. It will show you the zip file

  3. difuse March 1, 2012

    cannot find the download link…???

    • moot0ne January 22, 2013

      *Download These Free Drum Samples – 43 Mb* – doesn’t look like a link, but it is.

  4. erikdrumes March 4, 2012

    I can’t use the samples. I can just see .asd and .als files..

  5. GLENPUNCHER March 9, 2012

    Looks for a folder called ‘samples’ and look for the WAV files.

  6. Oldjammer December 14, 2012

    one word: Awesome …nice job guys !

  7. mistermikev December 19, 2012

    first: thanks for some dynamite drums!
    second: fyi chrome would not give me a download and I was very confused. Switched to firefox and got the samples just fine (for anyone having troubles finding the link)

  8. yungmane January 11, 2013

    Upscale work. Really enjoying the drums.

  9. ickytrip February 6, 2013

    Is the download link broken?

  10. DS4trstar7 March 9, 2013

    thanks cool. great soundind kits. np finding in downlaods in Windows. great remix of Skrillex trax.

    thanks, stay cool.

  11. CookiexzZ May 4, 2013

    Excellent, thanks for sharing these!

  12. Luifer October 25, 2013

    Awesome …nice job guys.. thanks!

  13. tom335 December 18, 2013

    Hey buddy… thanks a lot for these soundfonts… they’re amazing!

  14. iwanstein December 27, 2013


  15. JuanA January 14, 2014

    Thanks for the samples, I appreciate much from you

  16. frogdrummer January 25, 2015

    Thank you very much, sounds great 😉

  17. tuta vasconcelos February 2, 2015

    Thanks brother, Perfects sounds

  18. vpxoxo February 20, 2015

    thank you so much!! 😀

  19. cristianbahia May 4, 2015


  20. Jeslover June 24, 2015

    God bless you guys

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