Vintage Pop / Rock Kit Drum Samples

Vintage Pop Rock Drum Samples for Instant Download

This Ludwig 'Ocean Pearl' drum kit was made in 1968 and boasts a truly magical tone. We recorded the kit with a Supraphonic steel snare drum and an assortment of rusty old vintage cymbals.

These drum samples are perfect for anything from rock, blues, funk and soul right through to country and pop music. Take a listen the demo above which was created entirely from programmed drum grooves that we put together in Ableton Live. We simply loaded these rock drum samples into Abletons built in sampler, mapped out the multi velocity hits on our MIDI keyboard and had fun recording a basic drum groove.

We then went into step edit mode to refine the grooves for added dynamics and realism. Check out the download buttons below to download the instruments from this awesome drum kit.

Vintage Ludwig Kick Drum Samples

Fat, deep and completely natural! That's the best way to describe this kick drum. The 'Ocean Pearl' kit from Ludwig was made famous in the 60's and 70's by bands like 'The Beatles' and you can hear that signature live band sound in the demo.

We made sure to keep the natural sound of the kick drum by using minimal processing so that you can further enhance the sound in your mix using your own EQ and compression. At our goal is give you the best place to start with natural sounding drum samples that you can shape to your needs.
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Vintage Ludwig Tom Tom Drum Samples

When you think of vintage rock drums from the 1960's, this is the iconic tom tom sound that you want. With a warmth of tone that we've never heard in any other toms, these 'Ocean Pearl' toms capture that authentic sound from a bygone era. With this download you get the hi-tom, mid-tom and thunderous floor tom for the ultimate groove making sounds.
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Ludwig Supraphonic Steel Snare Drum Samples

Hands down, this is by far the LOUDEST snare drum we have ever heard. When the drummer hits this snare drum properly it stops you dead in your tracks and demands that you pay attention. If you need a snare to cut through any mix, this is the one to load into your sampler.
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Vintage Rock Hi-Hat Samples

The hats and cymbals on this kit were so ancient that we simply don't have any information as to the brands and model numbers so we'll just refer to them as vlrk-hi-hats. Rest assured though that the sound is everything you'd expect from that classic 1960's era with just the right amount of 'trashy' aggression that you want in your rock tracks.

We recorded multi-velocity hits of these hats from different playing positions so you get straight hat, foot pedal and fully open samples from quiet to loud. Download this instrument set and make your own expressive drum tracks today.
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Vintage Ride Cymbal Samples

Cymbals have undergone a major evolution since the 1960's with technology producing highly refined products that barely resemble the hand crafted instruments of yesteryear. Boasting cracks, rust spots and thousands of stick marks, you can be sure this ancient ride cymbal has done some serious mileage with a character of sound to match it's lineage.
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Vintage Crash Cymbal Samples

You want trashy, you want rough? Oh this right here is rough alright. Once again, time has taken it's toll on this cymbal so that it's appearance looked tired and well worn but hit it just right and it sounds even better than the day it was pressed. Download this vintage crash cymbal sample today.
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Vintage Splash Cymbal Samples

This little splash cymbal sounds so small and cute you'd expect it to be held in the hands of a toy monkey but when used in the right part of your drum track it can really give your grooves a lift.
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Multi Velocity Drum Samples

These multi-velocity drum samples give you everything you need to create your own totally realistic sounding virtual drum kit. All of our samples are 24-bit WAV files recorded at 44.1 kHz so you can load them into any software or hardware sampler that supports 24-bit WAVS.

We recorded the drums using the epic Shure SM57 dynamic mics and we used a matched pair of high quality stereo condensor mics from the cymbals and hats.

Each instrument in the kit has multiple samples that cover the different power and velocity that our drummer used when hitting the drums. These range from barely audible to outright 'ear splitting' in order give you the full range of tones you need to create ultra real drum sets for your drum tracks.

About the Demos

The audio demos above give you an example of how you can use these drum samples. When you choose to download one of the ZIP files it contains only the samples that are labeled on the download button. That means that if you're downloading the hit-hat ZIP file but you heard the kick drum in the background of the demo for the hi-hats your download will only contain hi-hats. If you want the kick drum samples (for example) you'll need to download those separately.

About Our Drum Samples

When we mix and master our drum samples we use only enough processing to give the drums a natural tone. It's essential that we don't over process the samples so that you still have plenty of headroom to add your own EQ, compression and FX. The drum samples that you download are completely dry and have no FX. This allows you to shape the drum sounds to suite your songs.


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